As a large state-owned cultural industrial group, Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group was founded in December 1997.

In principle of “succeeding the Chinese Civilization, being the Carrier and Creator of Excellent Culture”, Gehua Group committed itself to the reform and development of China’s cultural industry to strengthen the competitiveness of state-owned cultural enterprises. Currently, the group carries out the “3+2” Developmental Strategy. Here, “3” refers to three industrial development and service platforms in culture, media and technology areas. “2” means two driving forces for the development including capital and creativity. Driving by this new strategy, Gehua Group intends to realize the goal of specializing its core business and diversifying the peripheral services and complete the transition from a single traditional industrial model to a collective, intensive and professional one.

Taking “Attracting Wealth with Brand, Creating Values with Culture” as its business concept, Gehua Group, solely state-owned enterprise, established three centers with its unique organizational structure and being controlled by the state and attracting diversified capital resources. It means the headquarters of the group is responsible for designing the developmental strategy and investment plans and supervising assets; the three division centers (i.e. culture, media and technology) are required to operate under the strategy and to lead the professional branches creating profitablity through projects. To emphasize different competitive advantages of the three centers, Gehua Group locates its Culture, Media and Technology Center respectively at the China Millennium Monument, Gehua Kaiyuan Hotel (a media theme hotel) and Gehua Tower. In attempt to make full use of the resources from government, the society and market capitals, Gehua Group organized a series of successful culture events and was well-recognized by the industry and society. The business scope of Gehua covers the cultural creative industry, investment and finance in cultural events, investing, managing and operating cultural infrastructures.

With the aim of becoming the pioneer of China’s cultural industry and world-famous cultural supplier, Gehua Group will make great efforts on developing its managerial and operational skills and further diversifying its capital resources.