Brand projects

Photo Beijing

Photo Beijing is a large-scale photography-themed event co-hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the People’s Republic of China and Beijing Municipal Government and co-organized by China Artistic Photography Society, China Photographers Association, China Photo Journalists Society, China Image Group and Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group Co., Ltd. It’s a large international, specialized, innovation-driven and communication-oriented event.

Since its debut in 2013, Photo Beijing has been held successfully for six sessions respectively under the theme of “Photography·World in Focus”, “Boundless Field of Vision”, “Images of the Century”, “Photography·On-site”, “Photography: Origin and Future” and “Image: Directtime”. Thanks to the geographical advantage of Beijing as the national cultural center and international exchange center and the authority and specialty of the organizers as well as the high degree of public participation, Photo Beijing has drawn much attention of the industry and become a highly influential photography exhibition in the world.

The China Millennium Monument - The Traditional Culture

“The China Millennium Monument - The Traditional Culture” is the collection of traditional cultural brand projects planned and launched by the Art Museum of China Millennium Monument with a number of other organizations. With creative transformation and innovative development as the guidelines and with illustrative studies, education & popularization, protection & inheritance, innovative development and communication as the research subjects, the Traditional Culture represents a collection of cultural activities in various forms, such as themed culture exhibition, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, and intangible cultural heritage fair. The Traditional Culture highlights the creative wisdom and creative achievements of intangible cultural heritage inheritors and supports innovation in creative idea, content and form of intangible cultural heritage and innovation in the promotion, exchange, education, popularization and media communication modes for intangible cultural heritage. The Traditional Culture seeks to actively contribute the continuous improvement of the development and constant progress in the protection of China’s intangible cultural heritage.