Industrial Platforms

China Millennium Monument, located in Beijing West Chang'an Avenue extension line, between CCTV and China People’s Military Museum, Southof Yuyuantan Park, Northof Beijing West Railway Station, covering 4.5 hectares, with a total construction area of 42,000 square meters.

The Monument is the landmark building where the Chinese people celebrate the new millennium. It is a mixture of traditional cultural spirit and contemporary design arts, combined architecture, landscape, sculpture, murals etc. It is not only an eternal commemoration of the Millennium alternation, but also a culture, arts, science, technology exchange and exhibition center, as well as patriotic education base.

China Millennium Monument Art Museum, is the first public national cultural institution in China for the collection, exhibition, and research of world art. It is dedicated to building partners with museums, art galleries, schools and various cultural educational institutions globally, to build a platform for the exchange of civilization and showcase of world arts. 

China Millennium Monument Art Museum to the China Millennium Monument for the site, with exhibition halls, theaters, art theaters, memorial square and cultural square, through perennial art exhibition, stage performing arts, film and television, cultural products, public cultural activities and other comprehensive art Section of the activities for the community to provide quality cultural products and cultural services, the world's art festival to promote the window and display platform.

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