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In January 30th, the cultural theme exhibition "and family wind" opened at the China Millennium monument. The China Millennium Monument art museum will launch a series of activities of "family and wind" cultural brand activities during the new year's year, which will help boost the construction of socialist spiritual civilization and the construction of a civilized society.

In July 19th, "looking back on the good times - the painting exhibition of Italy in the late nineteenth Century and the beginning of the -20 century" opened at the China Millennium monument. The exhibition by the Beijing World Art Museum, Italy Museum of cultural heritage tourism administration, Ferrara art foundation and the Ferrara Contemporary Art Museum jointly organized by the Italian cultural cooperation mechanism is the fruits of cooperation under the framework of cultural exchange exhibition.

In August 2nd, in accordance with the guiding opinions of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the city cultural heritage office, Gehua group and Beijing City Cultural Investment Development Group to reach a consensus on cooperation, jointly invest in the construction of national foreign cultural trade base (Beijing), accelerate infrastructure construction, base building, business investment policy and industry integration, make a base, in the integration of resources the city's diversification, create a foothold in Beijing serving the national cultural trade integrated service platform and so on to a new level.

From August 14th to 18th, 2016, "create a future - the Sino US youth competition" finals and series of activities held at the China Millennium monument. From China and the United States, 64 selected groups and more than 270 young people have created excellent works, shared creative ideas and conducted in-depth exchanges. In 2016, the China Youth Youth Competition was the seventh round of Sino US cultural exchange high-level consultation mechanism supporting activities, and has been included in the results list. Contest sponsored by People's Republic of China's Ministry of education provided by the culture of Beijing state owned assets supervision and administration office support, China (Ministry of Education) education service center, Tsinghua University, Intel (Intel) company, Gehua Group Co hosted the contest to become the capital, play the role of cultural center, science and technology innovation center, international exchange center, an important starting point to drive national hit the development of the.

August 19th to 21, sponsored by the Maker Faire Beijing 2016 Gehua group (Beijing hit off event held at the China Millennium Monument). The activities were set up a passenger market, workshops, a four plate guest forum and exhibition stage, covering many fields of education, traditional culture creation and art design, DIY works, production process, technology, innovation, service robot, biology, delicacy, life and aerospace. By mobilizing nearly 50 thousand people at all levels of the community to participate in activities, to stimulate public enthusiasm for innovation, to encourage everyone to become a guest, universal, hands-on innovation of artisan spirit".

From September 23rd to October 7th, jointly organized by the Ministry of culture, Beijing Municipal People's Government of the 2016 Beijing International Design Week held in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, adhering to the "wisdom City, design" concept, to promote the Beijing creative design demonstration platform and the construction of public service system as the core, Gehua group and Design Week Organizing Committee of the merger operation, linkage Shijitan, Gehua building, national foreign cultural trade base (Beijing) three public cultural service platform, as well as 28 chapters across the field of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, held a total of 9 large plates, more than 500 creative design activities, attract audience participation of more than 8 million, promote cultural tourism, stimulating consumption of all kinds of design a total of more than 2 billion yuan. 2016 Design Week held successfully, marking the initial shape its own hardware platform, after nineteen years of grinding, three demonstration of public cultural service platform based on collaborative operation mode of Gehua group.

In from October 15th to 23rd, Beijing International Photography week 2016 was held in beijing. This photography week lasted 9 days, in the China Millennium Monument and the city's 13 branch field held a total of 65 exhibitions, 25 forum, 14 thematic promotion activities, visit a total number of 350 thousand people, more than 25 million people online browsing. This week the successful launch of "photography Photography Festival Day" mode, for the first time in special photography exhibition as the core content of product promotion and trading, leveraging effect on domestic and international photography industry resources become more prominent, more prominent effect in sharing platform.

By November 20th, the national endowment for the Arts Commission, sponsored by Gehua group "2016 annual National Endowment for the Arts Communication promotion project" started in the first station of Jiangxi provincial museum. This is the first to reach Gehua group and the national endowment for the arts of the platform level, further promote cooperation, will establish a content distribution platform and communication platform for the promotion of public cultural services platform plays an important role in consolidating the Chinese century altar. Review of outstanding works of the first round of promotion outstanding creative activities for funding from the year 2014 and the project, including 47 artists, 103 / group of works of art, will be the 20 city in Beijing, Shanghai, China Nanjing, Fujian tour introduction.

In December 13th, China's foreign cultural trade base made a major breakthrough in investment. The implementation of the "Beijing city by opening up the services sector integrated pilot implementation plan" and other policies, national foreign cultural trade base the successful introduction of the United States owned a performance brokerage institution of the dragon "legend", and the New Zealand Film and television production studios and other well-known institutions "HUHU" platform for enterprises. The base will rely on the platform of enterprises into the international high-quality film and television, performing arts resources and professional personnel, the formation of cultural content in product development, production, design and development of derivatives, copyright trade, brokerage, marketing services and other elements of the cultural production industry chain cluster, together to create open source culture trade service platform for the global market.

December 30th, the Chinese century altar traditional culture season kicked off. The traditional cultural tradition as the theme of the season to exhibitions, performances and ice heritage theme cultural market, cultural heritage and traditional cultural festival will be combined during the holidays for the family unit audience provides diverse forms, profound connotation and elegant taste of the ideal places. Century Theatre premiere will also take this as an opportunity to showcase the promotion of non performing repertoire on tour, and promote outstanding traditional cultural works in domestic and foreign performing arts market venture capital transactions.

In December 31st, Gehua group to start the China Millennium Monument in the transfer of solid construction work, clear over the years in the construction of the foundation for the formation of data and physical assets, the assets transfer procedures to standardize and improve the solid, to further clarify the state-owned property ownership, lay a good foundation for the long-term development of the Chinese century altar is of great significance.