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In September 1st, jointly organized by the Information Office of the State Council and UNESCO, Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group hosted "'99 Paris - Chinese culture week was held in Paris, france.

In September 29th, Beijing Gehua TV Network Inc approved by the Beijing Municipal People's government formally established. The establishment of the company shall be initiated and the total number of shares shall be 190 million shares. The promoters shares for Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group accounted for 94.47%, the Beijing Youth Newspaper Corporation accounted for 1.73%, Beijing cable TV shopping all day long limited liability company accounted for 1.38% of Beijing Broadcasting Development Corporation accounted for 1.38%, Beijing accounted for 1.04%.

October 1st, to celebrate the 50th anniversary, Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group to the Tiananmen square layout environment, "dare to call for the sun and the moon and, like rice and beans, wave", "nothing is difficult, as long as willing to climb", "building socialism China" four central Beijing floats and floats the design work, drawn by Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group of professional art Staff Chairman Jiang Zemin also displayed at the parade floats in the picture.

In December 31st, sponsored by the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee, Beijing Municipal People's government, Beijing Gehua Cultural Development Group hosted the capital of all walks of life to meet the new century and the new millennium celebration was held at the China Millennium Monument, Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, Zhu Rongji, Li Ruihuan, Hu Jintao, Li Lanqing, Wei Jianhang and other party and state leaders attended the celebration activities.