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The central government allocated 5 billion 115 million yuan in 2017 to support t


The Ministry of Finance website news, recently, in 2017 the central government issued public cultural facilities free of charge 5 billion 115 million yuan of subsidies to support includes 1849 national museums, Memorial Museum and the national patriotism education base, 1094 municipal and 5869 county-level art galleries, public libraries and cultural centers, 41051 township cultural stations, city Community Cultural Center (street).

According to Chinese economic and cultural industry channels to understand, since 2008 the central government decided to implement the museum and the museum is open free for ten years, the central government has accumulated arrangements for public cultural facilities free of charge 40 billion 700 million yuan of subsidies at the same time through the government purchase of public cultural services, promoting the private museums and private cultural facilities free and open. According to 2016 statistics, a total of 3102 museums open free of charge, accounting for more than 80% of the total annual free museum, received 623 million visitors, held 17 thousand national exhibition; 3139 public libraries in 838 million volumes, borrowing 589 million people, organized lectures 59 thousand and 500 times; the 44291 mass cultural institutions to provide cultural services 1 million 663 thousand and 900 times second, benefiting 548 million people.